Top Five Hidden Beaches

By: Baylee Beninda

Jensen Beach, Stuart Beach, and Hobe Sound beach are the three main beaches of the Treasure Coast. They are beautiful and offer several amenities, but there are many, smaller private beaches that are less traveled.  If you desire privacy and completely unaltered landscapes, then you will appreciate these secluded, local destinations. Spending the day at any one of these hidden hangouts is bound to be a new and exciting experience that will put a smile on your face. So come on out and explore these hidden treasures of the Treasure Coast!


  1. Santa Lucea– (Unguarded) This undisturbed beach is within walking distance of the Marriott Hotel, if you plan on staying there. To get onto the beach take the scenic nature trail, which stretches beautifully for 5 acreCrystal Beach-Santa Lucea-Jan 2008 003s. Your other option is to take the boardwalk, which is ADA accessible. A coquina reef runs along the shoreline, making this a popular destination for fisherman and snorkelers. This is also a favorite of surfers, due to the less commotion.


  1. “The Rocks”/ The House of Refuge Beach Access– (Unguarded) A small, but modest local favorite. Come and view the stunning rock formations. This beach is one of the most photographed beaches on the Treasure Coast, so don’t forget your camera! If time allows, be sure to take a tour of the historic Houthe rocksse of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar & Lighthouse! Or swim just 100 yards offshore, past the rocks to a premier dive and snorkeling location, the shipwreck of the George Valentine.

 Photo Credit: House of Refuge website


  1. Chastain Beach- (Guarded seasonally) Located on A1A between the House of Refuge and Bathtub Reef Beach. Amenities include bathrooms and showers. This natural beach has a few rocks on the northern end, but is relatively flat. It features the best of both worlds, with both ocean and intercostal (river) access. Looking for something calmer than the ocean? Stroll over to the riverHutchinson2
    access, and dip your feet in the water or simply relax in the sand. Also a popular destination for paddle boarding.  This location is perfect for young children or if you want to experience something fresh and new.


  1. Blowing Rocks Preserve– (Unguarded) Located on Jupiter Island in Hobe Sound. Come at high tide and experience the wonderful spectacle as water splashesblowing rocks
    through the rocks lining the shore. Come at low tide and you can explore underneath the rocks and there is more of a “beach” available for laying out.  If you are a photographer or would like a family portrait, this is a photo op you will not want to miss.  At the welcome center there are restrooms and a water fountain. Interested in hiking the dunes? This sanctuary offers three different trails with interpretive signs. This is a one of a kind beach, with much to do!


  1. Tiger Shores- (Unguarded) Located 2 miles south of Jensen Beach. This is a small, quaint fisherman’s beach. It is also a great spot for photographers to capture the surf and sunset, due to the completelTigerShoresy unaltered landscape.With zero amenities, you will forget that you are so close to the rest of society! Be sure to come early because parking is limited and only a select few will get to enjoy the beauty of such a simple, but charming beach.

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